Inhabited wall


Newton Architects were approached by the client to examine the possibility of designing and gaining planning permission for a new house within a former walled garden. The appointment came about as a result of our track record for designing low energy, site sensitive buildings. This is evidenced by the recent earth sheltered community centre at Bardon Mill and the PPS7 para 11 house at The Paise near Hexham. Our approach to any project always begins with site and climate, and this certainly the case here.  The client aim is to build a single low energy dwelling on the footprint of the existing buildings, as a place to live and work from.


Design Concept is: An Inhabited Garden Wall

The proposal will have 4 bedrooms and be a low lying, ground hugging design, obscured by the existing wall from the public highway. The concept is that the building will read as an inhabited garden wall. The two solid ends North and South are conceived as the sleeping areas. The gap in the middle would be transparent and be the living area. The proposal will also provide a place of work for the clients to run their businesses from home


Access will be from the southern end of the site via the private driveway. The house will be in its own totally private world, tucked behind the boundary wall the house will have an intimate series of gardens with all rooms having an aspect onto them. The house is designed to have minimal impact on the setting, occupying the existing built footprint