Urban Farm, Newcastle

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  • Newcastle Farm from Lime Street


The Ouseburn Farm has existed for over 20 years, virtually all development on the site had been demolished so that 2m of lead contaminated land could be removed.  The project was to extend the one remaining 1999 timber framed building. This 1999 centre is 100sqm and the new brief brought the total space to 520sqm.  The brief was very specific the new building would have a minimal environment footprint, not by using a few ‘bolt on green goodies’ but considered holistically.


The project involved removing the contaminated building underneath the existing timber framed building and forming the new building under and to the north and south sides.  There is steep east west slope which enables development on two storeys with the main entrance at the upper level from the street and the lower level directly onto farm land.
The  first floor is all for educational/information requirements where people spend most of their time and the lower floor for service spaces and for activities more directly connected with outside ‘farm’ uses


The Farm:
– Is designed with climate; on a sheltered urban environment with good solar aspect
– Maximises daylight and natural ventilation. Facades are designed to maximise daylight and solar heat in winter but with solar screening to allow daylight but eliminate solar overheating in summer. Natural ventilation is achieved by opening windows and roof lights.
– Is timber framed and clad, insulated to a high level with recycled paper. The timber beams are engineered timber; which are more predictable in terms of structural performance and sustainable resources.
– Minimises embodied energy by careful choice of materials and energy use by a high performing fabric
– Has a sedum roof giving back a green footprint minimising summer overheating by adding thermal capacity
– Employs renewable energy generation in the form of solar thermal hot water, rainwater recycling and photovoltaic panels

Newcastle City Council

Project Value

Completion Date
13 Dec 2005


RICS Sustainability Award for 2006
Commendation: Hadrian Awards 2007
Runner up: Construction Excellence Award 2006