• from se

    New House out of Listed building

    New House From Listed Structure

  • render 1c

    NPPF Para 55 House

    para 55 house

  • JS87404951

    The Paise PPS7 Para 11 (para55) house, Hexham

    PPS& Para 11 (NPPF Para55)

  • 20160509_093315

    New Low Carbon House

    New low carbon family home. Fuel bills are kept to an absolute minimum by highly insulating the building, creating an airtight building and producing most of the buildings energy needs on site. Rainwater is recycled to reduce water demand. The house is self-built using the most up to date technologies and also serves to demonstrate that extremely sustainable dwellings are achievable on a tight budget.

  • newcastle city farm 1

    Urban Farm, Newcastle

    The Ouseburn Farm had existed for over 20 years. The project extends the one remaining 1999 timber framed building.   The new building has a minimal environment footprint, not by using a few 'bolt on green goodies' but considered holistically.

  • view throughtrees

    Inhabited wall

    New low energy home based on the concept of an inhabited wall

  • bardonmill 5 – Copy

    Bardon Mill and Henshaw Village Hall

    Earth sheltered village hall, nestled in the existing woodland. Orientated to make the most of the view and passive solar gain

  • site plans

    Tyne Valley Northumberland : Selfbuild Sustainable Housing

    New Low Energy Sustainable Housing: Newton Architects believe the unique site and set of circumstances; of being owner and designer will enable a truly exemplary, sustainable, residential development to be realised which 'sits lightly on the earth'

  • lightwater asbuilt 2

    New Low Energy House and Barn

    New Low Energy House and Barn

  • DSCF1039

    The Round Theatre

    New theatre in a hole between listed buildings


Newton Architects are an award winning environmental practice producing sustainable contemporary designs. We aim to create buildings today which will become the norm tomorrow. Newton Architects were recently awarded 3 RIBA awards for the Paise

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RIBA North East Project Architect of the Year – RIBA North East Sustainability AwardRIBA North East Regional Award